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Archive for 14. January, 2011

2011/014: A Lesson In Patience

That’s what this (not so) little project was.
I decided to upload all the pictures from my previous years of blogging to Zenfolio, but discovered that if you combine WordPress with Zenfolio, you get painfully slow!
Uploading was easy and fairly quick, since all the files are low resolution and high compression. Then I copied the post titles and copied them as the photo titles, and waiting for each page to “activate”, and the titles to paste below the pictures was sooo slow! But, it’s all done now, and all the pictures are in one place, neatly organized by year, and easy to browse through for anyone who might be interested (beats going back hundreds of pages on the blog!). Of course many of the photos have a story attached to them, and if you would like to read them, simply enter the photo title into the search field here on the sidebar of the blog, and it will find the post for you. I will also be adding a new page to my blog, for future reference.

(click on image to be taken to the galleries)