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2011/059: Bonus – Spring Is In The Air

I went outside yesterday, to see what I could find to take pictures of, and found two little blossoms on the plum tree.
There were many more today!

2011/059: Water Wall (2)

A few more shots from the Water Wall in Houston.

One of my favorite shots from this trip

Wish they wouldn’t look so happy all the time ūüėČ

Williams Tower, across from the Water Wall

2011/058: Water Wall (1)

Before our little week-end getaway, I spent some time looking through Houston’s website¬†to find free or inexpensive things to do. One of those things was the Water Wall.

Taken from the Galleria (shopping mall) parking garage

NO PEOPLE in the shot! (Patience pays off! ūüėČ )

2011/057: What’s For Dinner?

For Greg and Sara it was the crabs we bought in Kemah that afternoon. Melissa and I had a burrito from Freebirds World Burrito.

2011/056: Kemah

Our little getaway to Houston included a trip to Kemah on Saturday afternoon. First order of business were going to the seafood markets (not many of them left after Hurricane Ike a few years ago, but several are in the process of rebuilding) to buy crabs for dinner.¬† We left them to hang out in the cooler with some ice, while we went to the Boardwalk. We didn’t stay very long, because it was very crowded. It was foggy, too, and when the sun wasn’t peeking through the clouds, pretty chilly, too.

Buying crabs

View from the seafood market

Kemah Boardwalk

Found these guys on the side of a building in Seabrook on the way back to the hotel

2011/055: Week-end Getaway

The kids were off for President’s Day last Monday, Greg took the day off from work, and we escaped for the long week-end.


I was hoping to post a picture or two from our week-end getaway, but, unfortunately time got away from me yesterday and I didn’t have time to edit any of them. Maybe I will have some tomorrow…
For now, one from our visit to the Marjorie McNeely Observatory in St. Paul, MN last August.


2011/052: Gazania


2011/050: My Day

I’d like to thank everyone for the Birthday wishes yesterday. I had a pretty good day.
Greg took off from work, and after dropping the kids off at school (he took Sara, I took Melissa), we ran a few errands, and then went to the movies. It’s been waaay too long since we’ve been on a “date”. Pretty sure it was New Year’s Eve 2002, when we were in Maryland, visiting family and my sister-in-law watched Melissa while Greg and I went out to dinner and a movie.
Anyway, we went to see Just Go With It. I loved it, such a funny movie. Greg didn’t complain either.
After the movie we had a little bit of time to go home before it was time to pick up Sara from school and go grocery shopping. Back home for a little bit before getting Melissa from school, and then run another errand before dinner.
Dinner didn’t go quite as planned. I really wanted to try this new restaurant, but it would have taken at least 30 min. to get there from where we were (maybe longer, with all this rush hour traffic), and then there was a good chance that we would have had to wait for a table, and I was just too hungry for that. So, I decided on On The Border instead. We’ll just try the other restaurant another time.

Just go see it!


2011/049: 34

Well shoot. I guess this is the last year (for a while anyway) that my selective dyslexia will work. Which means that, starting next year, I will be¬†counting backwards instead! ūüėȬ†
After a crazy week (Sara testing positive for influenza A, influenza B, and strep), and Melissa waking up yesterday and not feeling well (tested negative for flu and strep) and staying home, both girls are back in school. Greg took today off work,¬†and we’re going to¬†see what kind of trouble we can get into.

These earrings were my Birthday present from Greg…. and he gave them to me a couple of weeks early!!
They were made by Rebecca and I fell in love with them the first time I saw them. Check out her other beautiful jewelry on Etsy.
I just love the way she photographs her creations, and I did the same with these earrings, but chose something different to post here. And, after getting a haircut yesterday, I did shorten them bu one link, because they were too long (or my hair is now too short).

2011/048: Petals

2011/047: Crepe Myrtle In Winter

2011/046: Valentine Surprise

A necklace and flowers! The necklace was a complete surprise! ‚ô•
I knew I would get a card, and I asked him not to get me chocolate (I know, crazy, right? ME saying NO to chocolate!!)

2011/045: Valentine


I’m so glad that you are here. It helps me realize how beautiful my world is.
~ Rainer Maria Rilke

2011/043: Squirrel

Having a little snack while posing for me ūüôā

2011/042: Jewel

I didn’t include this snowflake with the ones I posted yesterday, because it clearly deserves to be in the spotlight all by itself.

2011/041: Snowflakes

2011/040: Bonus – Winter Storm

Just a couple of images from today…
We didn’t get the predicted 3-5 inches of snow (something about 80 mph dry air “decapitating” the clouds and blowing away the parts of the clouds that had the most snow potential), but there was plenty of ice and sleet before we got just a little bit of snow. School was cancelled after they had announced that they would be open and on time, so this was snow day #5! Crazy Texas weather!

2011/040: Cardinal

I was trying to take pictures of the falling snow last week, and couldn’t help thinking of Tracy¬†when a red blur flew through my viewfinder and sat down in the neighbor’s tree. I quickly took a few pictures with my 18-200mm lens before digging out the 80-400mm, and good thing I did, because by the time I had the other lens on the camera, he was gone!

2011/039: Bonus – Snow Art

Maybe we will have another snow day tomorrow?

From the National Weather Service:
“The National Weather Service in Fort Worth has issued¬†a Winter Storm Warning¬†for heavy snow and sleet … which is in effect from midnight tonight to 6 p.m. Wednesday.
Precipitation will begin as rain in northwest parts of North Texas early Wednesday morning … continuing to overspread North Texas. As temperatures fall to below freezing Wednesday morning … the precipitation will transition to a freezing rain and sleet mixture before changing to all snow by early afternoon.
Total sleet and snow accumulations are expected to range from one to three inches. In addition … a few hundredths of an inch of freezing rain could coat roads and exposed objects before the precipitation transitions to sleet and snow by mid morning.
All wintry precipitation is expected to taper off during the afternoon. Snow flurries may persist into the evening hours in eastern counties. A winter storm warning means significant amounts of snow … sleet … and ice are expected or occurring. This will make travel very hazardous or impossible.”
And, yes, it’ll be bitterly cold again. The weather service¬†says wind chills will reach near zero in some parts of North Texas from Wednesday evening until sunrise on Thursday.
The Weather Channel’s forecast¬†has the area warming to 36 degrees on Thursday, 47 on Friday and sunny and 50s for the weekend.

Snow art by Sara. Drawn with an icicle

2011/039: Greg’s World Famous…

Ok, so maybe they’re not world famous, but everyone who ever tried them, LOVED them! They taste even better than they look!