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2011/032: Bonus – Winter Weather (1)

Let it snow sleet, let it snow sleet, let it snow sleet!

Seems to always be in February, that north Texas is getting ice. It started as rain last night, and with falling temperatures, turned to sleet/ice around 4:40 am (yes, I was already up!) and for once our school district wasn’t the last one to decide that schools would be closed today. I was actually a little surprised that they cancelled, because everyone around us can be closed or delayed, but we are open, and on time.
The next few days are going to be brutal, with highs in the 20’s and lows in the teens or single digits! That might be balmy for the northern States right now, but it’s pretty darn cold for Texas. No worries for anyone who is flying in for the Super Bowl, on Sunday the high is supposed to be close to 60 degrees F.

Ice on the outside of the living room window

The hood of my car

Frozen puddle

Ice/sleet on the railing of our front porch

The hood of my car again

More tomorrow (as bonus post)

2011/032: Curled