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2011/033: Another Bonus – Winter Weather (2)

Some more pictures from our winter storm yesterday. I went outside three times, for about 5 minutes each, and that’s all it took for my fingers to get so cold that I couldn’t feel them anymore. Wouldn’t have been so bad out, if it wasn’t for the wind!

Icy plum tree

Frozen blackberry leaves

Frozemary (aka frozen rosemary)

Leaves of whatever plant that is with the red berries. See those “snowflakes” on that leaf in the bottom right corner? If only I had seen them earlier!  By the time I started editing the pictures (hours after taking them!) and went back outside to search for them, they had disappeared.

Frozen dandelion that I picked and placed on the porch railing

Half-buried leaf and dead grass

My (slightly warped) reflection in one of my car’s icy side windows. Note the lobster-red fingers that I couldn’t feel at that point and wouldn’t have known if they had snapped off from the cold 😉

2011/033: Bonus – Screw Loose

When I took this picture, it was just supposed to be for fun, and I never really planned on posting it on my blog. Who knew that only two days after taking it, I would find the perfect use?!

Saying they have a screw loose would be the nice way of saying what I think of our school district. Due to our winter storm early yesterday morning, the schools were closed, and yesterday evening, the school district announced that today the schools would be closed for a second day, due to inclement weather and icy driving conditions. I was happy to see the announcement posted, but what I’m NOT happy about (and I’m sure I’m not alone!) is that the two make up days are April 22 (Good Friday – I don’t have a problem with that) and May 30. Memorial Day!! REALLY??!!! They’re going to make students, as well as teachers, show up for school on a HOLIDAY??? This is one of the very few holidays that Greg gets off from work, and we can plan a getaway for the long week-end somewhere. They could have chosen just a random day-off-from-school as the make up day, but that would have made too much sense.Yeah. I think we just might have plans that can’t be changed.
What’s next? They’re going to find some reason to have everyone show up on Thanksgiving, or Christmas Day?

2011/033: Pink