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2011/035: Bonus 2 – More Ice

Some ice pictures from yesterday.

This is the ice-covered ramp leading off the back porch. It was tough, cracking the ice with my boot, that stuff was solid!

When I was taking pictures of the cracked ice, I discovered some “stalagmites” forming on the ramp

The wind had blown the cover off the grill and it landed in the grass just off the porch. I carefully peeled the grill cover off the ice and saw this:

Ice on the hood of my car. There was actually a gap between the ice and the hood, making the reflection look even prettier

Another one from the hood of my car. See the heart?

Ice chip, found in front of my car. Greg must have knocked it off when he scraped the windshield the day before. It wasn’t a big piece, maybe about 2 inches.

2011/035: Bonus 1 – Ice

When I saw some strange icicles hanging from our back porch yesterday afternoon, I decided to brave the cold again, to take some pictures. Although at 26 degrees F, it almost felt warm! At least I was able to stay outside for more than five minutes 😉
Look for another bonus post sometime later today, I have even more ice pictures to share. And, it looks like there will be more bonus posts coming up in the next few days, because we woke up to SNOW this morning!

Some icicles grew legs… maybe they were trying to run away? I don’t blame them 😉


My car was/is attached to the street with some icicles!

2011/035: Sara’s Choice

I let Sara pick the picture for today. I think she chose well 😉
(Taken in early November at the Dallas Arboretum)