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2011/036: Bonus – Snow Day

Yesterday was actually snow day #4, but the first day that we actually had snow, and not ice and sleet. We woke up to a winter wonderland, and ended up with about 6 inches (15cm) of snow. Unfortunately it was the powdery stuff, so there will be no pictures of snowmen or snowball fights.

The view of our street.

My car’s tire

I guess if you can’t build a snowman, clearing the snow off mommy’s car is the next best thing?

A heart, created by the falling snow from a tree branch

Glittery snow, once the sun finally came out again.

It’s a beautiful, sunny day today, with clear blue skies. Temperatures will finally be above freezing again, and after being held hostage by whoever is in charge of clearing the roads, it looks like we will finally be able to GO somewhere again.  I expect all the snow to be melted away by sometime tomorrow, but I still have a few snowy pictures (and snowflakes) to share in the days to come.

10 responses

  1. doreen3boys

    man, you’ve had some crazy weather this week! See, wishes do come true 😉 maybe once the snow starts to melt you can build that snowman.

    5. February, 2011 at 13:30

  2. ok, enough snow already… LOL. i bet poor ol jerry jones hasn’t had any sleep all week. about all this weather is good for is watching birds at the feeder!! i like the heart in the snow… a sweet anomaly.

    5. February, 2011 at 13:48

    • Nah, the Stupid Bowl… I mean Super Bowl… will be fine! Both teams arrived before the first storm hit, and Cowboys Stadium was always exempt from the rolling blackouts this week.

      5. February, 2011 at 14:17

  3. Wow, that’s quite a bit for you! You have been asking for awhile, so we Northerners decided there was plenty to share this year, and so we sent some your way. 🙂 You’re welcome!

    5. February, 2011 at 14:10

    • Thank you!!! Next time don’t wait so long to share, OK? 😉

      5. February, 2011 at 14:18

  4. Becky Sue

    Wow, hard to believe that it’s Texas!

    5. February, 2011 at 21:01

  5. So you finally got a lot of snow, just a shame that it is the powder type. When my son was little, he wanted to keep some of the snow in our freezer, and so we did, and took it out a summers day.

    6. February, 2011 at 05:20

  6. plainmama

    Lovely shots and glad you got some snow even if it is only for a day or so.

    6. February, 2011 at 13:52

  7. dalia

    snow in Texas…crazy global warming!! glad you are enjoying it!

    7. February, 2011 at 06:39

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