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2011/040: Bonus – Winter Storm

Just a couple of images from today…
We didn’t get the predicted 3-5 inches of snow (something about 80 mph dry air “decapitating” the clouds and blowing away the parts of the clouds that had the most snow potential), but there was plenty of ice and sleet before we got just a little bit of snow. School was cancelled after they had announced that they would be open and on time, so this was snow day #5! Crazy Texas weather!

2011/040: Cardinal

I was trying to take pictures of the falling snow last week, and couldn’t help thinking of Tracy when a red blur flew through my viewfinder and sat down in the neighbor’s tree. I quickly took a few pictures with my 18-200mm lens before digging out the 80-400mm, and good thing I did, because by the time I had the other lens on the camera, he was gone!