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2011/091: Bonus – April Fools Day

One of my favorite days of the year, and I love playing tricks on my friends and family! How about you?
I remember waking up the kids one April Fools Day and telling them it snowed!!! and they fell for it…. or I used to post on a message board years ago, and announced that I was pregnant, and they all fell for it even though they knew that Greg had gotten snipped. Did that twice and they fell for it both times!
This year didn’t quite go as planned. I had some ideas for some things that the kids could do. I told Melissa she could tell her friends that they were giving out candy at the school library (or office), and she didn’t want to. I bet it would have worked and they all could have had a great laugh. For Sara I suggested that she could tell her teacher that Button (their class pet, a guinea pig) was chewing on an eraser. She told her teacher that there was a button in Button’s cage, and her teacher just told her that she could get it out.
I did get Melissa when I picked her up from school, though. I usually text her to let her know that I’m on my way, and then wait in line right in front of the school, in front of the school bus. If there’s a car already waiting there, I park in the parking lot and text her again to let her know, and which row I’m parked in. Well, I had to park, and I texted her that I was in the 2nd row, when I was really in the first row, and she fell for it.
The next two pranks didn’t work out… like turning the switch off to the outlet that her computer is plugged into. She noticed that because the nightlight was off when it should have been on. Then I thought I would hide the Hershey Kisses that she still had left from Valentine’s Day, because she hates to share! I took them out of the box and replaced them with SweetTarts…. not realizing that it was Sara’s box that I took the Kisses out of (I had asked her to help me fool Melissa).
I got Greg, too, by taping a small piece of paper to the bottom of his (optical) computer mouse. When he turned it on and moved the mouse, the curser didn’t move. First thing he did (after saying “what the..”) was turn the mouse over to find the paper with APRIL FOOL written on it.
One prank that’s working out really great, is the one where I’m telling all my friends that we are moving to Alaska, and almost everyone so far fell for it! All but my sister-in-law Daneen! She did comment on that post, but within minutes (even before I could approve her comment), I got an e-mail from her, saying It is April 1st.  You’re not trying to pull a fast one, are ya? Well, yes I am, and it seems to be working!
I was worried about a few people, like my friend Heidi, who was around for those pregnancy announcements, and I was sweating when I saw that she commented on my link on facebook. To my relief she said Are you insane? It’s a great opportunity but going from Texas weather to Alaska is going to be a huge adjustment! I hope you love it 🙂
Then there was my friend Amber, who I thought would have seen right through me, because surely I would have told her about something this big, since we both want to get out of Texas. But then I get a message from her on facebook, that read Alaska eh? Wow, that is big news!!! How exciting for you all. Is Verizon going to help you guys move? Well, I’m shocked but excited for you, you get snow!!! 🙂 (the answer to that would be a big fat heck no!!). Tracy, who must have been a little disappointed that I didn’t tell her about our possible vacation changes last time we chatted on IM. Then I ignored the IMs she sent me today, and hoped that she just thought I wasn’t at the computer, but I worried that she would realize that something was up. And Brian (aka FS Photography)… he’s such a joker, I thought for sure that he would ask if this was all an April Fools joke, but nope, he fell for it, too.
Thank you WordPress, for allowing posts to be scheduled. It was so easy to type it up yesterday afternoon, and schedule it to publish in the middle of the night and pretending I was still awake 🙂 Right now it’s 5 pm and this post won’t be published until much later. Still waiting to see if someone realizes what date it is.
Of course this means that our summer vacation plans have NOT changed (details coming soon). As much as I love snow…. and hate Texas… I wouldn’t pack up and move to Alaska. Greg might be able to talk me into a vacation there some day, but there’s no way I would want to live there.
This was so much fun, thank you all for falling for it 🙂 Now…. how will I top this next year?! 😉

2011/091: Poppy

BIG Changes Ahead…

I shouldn’t be up at this hour, but I just can’t sleep (again!) because in just a few short months our lives are going to be turned upside down.
A few weeks ago Greg was offered another position within the company. It’s a different job than he is doing now (still a desk job, though), for a different group, and he thinks he will be much happier at this new position. It’s more money, too, which is a definite plus. Only thing is…. it’s in Anchorage. As in Alaska!!! We talked it over and talked it over again, and then talked it over some more. They needed a decision by the end of the month, and today (or I guess technically yesterday) Greg accepted. I still can’t quite believe it, and I’m excited and very nervous at the same time. The kids are taking it well. Sara seems excited… Melissa would rather stay where we are, but she’s glad that they get to finish the school year before the big move (will be end of June/middle of July).
Greg was in Alaska for about three months back in 1989 (he worked for a different company then) and said it was absolutely beautiful. We shall see! Guess you won’t hear me whining about the lack of snow anymore, but I don’t like being even further away from my boys 😦
There’s so much to take care of, and not much time to do it in, and I can’t promise how much I’ll be around. Posts will go up here as usual, but it might be a few days between commenting on your blogs.

Off to try and get some sleep, going to be a looong day!