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2011/096: Bonus – wwwp5k Times Two

Whew! I did it! I walked two 5ks today. The first 5k wasn’t too bad…. scored the best treadmill again…. and you should have seen the hill I found! 20% incline! I was in a hurry and walked to the top as fast as possible. I knew I was going to be there for 10k, and I wanted to get it over with.

At the first 5k finish line. Not sure what happened to the time display. The time and calorie displays blink when the treadmill is paused, I guess I caught it between blinks. Took just under 45 minutes to finish. Because I walked faster than the last couple of times, the calories burned (850) were less than at the slower speed, even with the higher incline.

The second 5k were a lot tougher. I wanted to quit every step of the way. I lowered the incline to between 15% and 18% and walked most of it at 16%. I increased the speed from 4.1 mph to 4.2 mph and finished in 90 minutes and 11 seconds. The calories display should read 1627, since it starts over after reaching 1000. One mistake I made was to only bring one bottle of water. It was just enough, but it would have been nice to have two.

OK, I held up my end of the deal, now it’s up to you (pointing at all couch potatoes reading this) to get up and get walking. One mile is easy, I promise!  Oh, another great place to walk, is an indoor mall before the stores open, if the weather doesn’t cooperate, or you can’t make it to a gym. Maybe you can get a friend to join you and then go shopping afterwards 😉

2011/096: Wisteria