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2011/099: Bonus – wwwp5k Times Two, Again

What do you do when you’re up really early on a Saturday? Go to the gym of course! 😉
I usually skip the gym on Saturdays because we have other things planned, and it’s just difficult to find the time to go. Today, I wanted to make the time, but thought I would be able to go sometime this afternoon. But then I woke up at 4 am, had a cup of coffee and headed to the gym. I planned to only walk one 5k, but when I finished it was still pretty early and everyone would have still been asleep when I got home, so I decided to walk another 5k, leaving the gym around 7 am.
Today’s grand total is…
Distance walked: 10k (6.2 miles)
Time elapsed: 94 min, 23 sec.
Calories burned: 1721
Incline: between 13% and 18%
Speed: between 3.8 mph and 4.3 mph