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2011/101: Summer Roadtrip

Summer can’t get here fast enough…. I can’t wait to go on this year’s road trip!
Dates are picked and Greg’s vacation was approved, but we haven’t figured out too many details yet (and probably won’t). We know kind of where we want to go, but want to leave plenty of time to see and do things we find along the way. We don’t like to be tied down by schedules and dates, as long as we’re back home when we’re supposed to be.
We’ll be heading towards Maine first, possibly stopping in Boston to get together with one of Greg’s colleagues. Then meeting up with a friend before heading to Maine. We’ll be back through Massachusetts on our way back, getting together with another friend or two, and stopping at the Yankee Candle Flagship Store at some point (these details still need to be worked out). Then we’re heading to Niagara Falls (yay!! I’ve always wanted to see them!) and on our way back to Texas we will be stopping in Indiana for a few days to see the boys. Should be another great adventure with lots of memories… and PICTURES!!!

BUT, Greg has to complete an insane amount of hours of training (in addition to his regular job!) before he can go on vacation. His bosses are making everyone take training courses because the union contracts (for the techs) are up. Greg is not a tech (he used to be) and not part of the union, but he is expected to work wherever he is needed if the techs go on strike. Cross your fingers that he will be able to complete all the courses in time!