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2011/114: Bonus – Eight

I can’t believe my baby is eight today! I don’t know where the time went… seems like just yesterday she turned one!
She’s been talking about an American Girl doll since before Christmas, and I promised her that if she was really good, maybe she would get one for her birthday. They’re not exactly cheap, and I wanted to wait and see if she forgot all about it by her birthday. No such luck! 😉
I did tell her that IF she got one of the dolls, it would be the ONLY birthday present she would get from us, and she was OK with that (we did surprise her with the “Tangled” DVD, and Melissa picked out a Rapunzel doll for her). And sweetheart that she is, she offered to pick out one of the baby dolls because they were cheaper. I told her that IF she got to pick one, she could pick the one she liked best, and not to worry about how much it costs.
Yesterday we went to the Galleria Mall in Dallas and she got to pick out her doll. She had no idea why we were going there until she saw the American Girl store. She had so much fun browsing through the store, and finally decided on Kanani, and spent some of her Birthday money on a cute little pink dress. They even had the dress in Sara’s size, and she would have loved to get it, but at $58 that was just NOT going to happen!

What to get, what to get…

Found her!

Posing with Kanani

Happy shopper 🙂

On the way home, doll freed from her box, and safely buckled up

♥ Happy Birthday, little one! ♥

2011/114: Happy Easter

Artwork by the Birthday girl, Sara.
She thinks she’s the luckiest girl in the world, because her Birthday is on Easter this year 🙂