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2011/151: Winecup (1)

We were driving around last week-end, running errands, when Melissa spotted these pretty little flowers in a field next to the road. Greg found a safe spot to pull over, and told her she could get out and pick some of them. She didn’t want to, so Greg did!

2011/150: Campanula (2)

2011/149: Campanula (1)

Greg surprised me with these flowers the Saturday after Mother’s Day, when we were doing our usual Saturday morning grocery shopping. I admired them while Greg was getting a grocery cart, but I didn’t put them in the cart. Later, when we were waiting in the check-out lane, Greg disappeared, and came back with the flowers a few minutes later. What a nice surprise! ūüôā
Unfortunately I threw away the plastic wrapper that had the name of these flowers on it… before I could write down the name! I’ve looked every Saturday since, but can’t find the flowers at the store anymore.

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2011/148: Butterfly, Take 2

2011/147: Bonus – Ready For The Award

Last week we received an invitation to the Awards for Excellence at Melissa’s school. The awards were given out yesterday evening, and Melissa received one for A-Honor Roll for the entire 2010/2011 school year. We are so proud of her!
(But what I really want to know is, what happened to my little girl??? She’s looking so grown up these days!)

2011/147: Butterfly, Take 1

This little beauty was very brave and let me get within inches with the camera, and didn’t fly away. Of course the secret is to move very slowly.


For those of you who haven’t seen the sun in a while (enough with the rain already! Right?)

2011/145: Behind The Waterfall

2011/144: Sunset

2011/143: Who’s There?

Photo taken through the peep hole of the hotel room door last summer, during our vacation.
Had to be quick, before he opened the door!

2011/142: Evening Primrose

2011/141: Unafraid

2011/140: Tulip Pastel

2011/139: Plum

2011/138: Oh, You Want A Penny Back?

I was shopping at the TJ Maxx¬†on Preston Road in Dallas on Saturday. I found what I was looking for (little black dress ūüėČ ) and went to pay for it. The total was $21.64 and I handed the cashier $21.65. He typed 21.64 into the register, put the money into the drawer, closed it, and handed me¬†my purchase and the¬†receipt. I looked at him and said “I get a penny back?” He seemed a bit surprised and said “Oh, you want a penny back?” and I answered “yeah!!” (adding “idiot” without actually saying it).
How rude – and wrong! – to not give me my change back! Doesn’t matter if it’s just a penny. After all, if I had given him a penny less, he would have asked for that penny!

2011/137: Dream

Every one of these is out of focus…. on purpose! The third one is my personal favorite.


However rare true love may be, it is less so than true friendship.
~ Francois de la Rochefoucauld

2011/135: Morning Dew

For several mornings I would take Sara to school, and then come home and see the dew on the grass illuminated by the morning sun, thinking to myself that I should come back outside with the camera. Never did. Until I saw that¬†Becky¬†did exactly what I should have done all these times, and that finally gave the necessary kick in the pants. That very¬†same morning, after dropping Sara off at school, I made sure my macro lens was on the camera, added the heart filter, and headed outside …. probably making the neighbors and anyone who drove by, wonder what the heck the crazy lady with the camera was doing in the wet grass!

2011/134: From The Heart

2011/133: Sea Of Yellow

Another flower from the bouquet Greg gave me for Mother’s Day.

Almost Featured

I discovered something this morning, when I checked my blog stats. Several of today’s visitors found their way to my blog from WordPress’¬†Photography Tags page, and I had to go check it out. Fellow blogger Robin¬†has one of her posts featured on this page, and several of mine are listed right next to hers! Very exciting ūüôā

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2011/132: Sea Of Pink

Can’t leave out the flowers that hubby got me for Mother’s Day. I requested no roses¬†(getting¬†kind of boring to¬†of photograph) and no carnations (just don’t like them).
Not sure what kind of flower this one is, but it sure is pretty.

2011/131: Bonus – (Mothers Day) Flower

More Mothers Day flowers… this Texas Dandelion was joined by a few regular dandelions (just never got a chance to take a picture of all of them).

2011/131: (Mothers) Dayflowers

The girls went out to the back yard on Sunday and picked these dayflowers for me.