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2011/138: Oh, You Want A Penny Back?

I was shopping at the TJ Maxx on Preston Road in Dallas on Saturday. I found what I was looking for (little black dress 😉 ) and went to pay for it. The total was $21.64 and I handed the cashier $21.65. He typed 21.64 into the register, put the money into the drawer, closed it, and handed me my purchase and the receipt. I looked at him and said “I get a penny back?” He seemed a bit surprised and said “Oh, you want a penny back?” and I answered “yeah!!” (adding “idiot” without actually saying it).
How rude – and wrong! – to not give me my change back! Doesn’t matter if it’s just a penny. After all, if I had given him a penny less, he would have asked for that penny!