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2011/181: Texas Dandelion

2011/180: Splish Splash

Sara’s takin’ a bath
(and let me take some pictures!)

2011/179: Dahlia


I’m adding tags to some old posts, and Google Reader seems to think they are all new. Hopefully anyone with an e-mail subscription to my blog  isn’t getting flooded with “new” posts from me. I apologize if this is happening. (Of course the posts might be new to you if you haven’t been around for that long 😉 )
I promise I’m almost done…. only about a month and a half’s worth of posts to go.

2011/178: Good Thing….

… we’re leaving on vacation soon, and can bring back some new friends for those lonely three wine bottles left in our wine rack 😉
These are all from last year’s vacation.

Kick And A Pat, Sweet Lady Red, and You’Re Making Me Blush from Southern Hills Winery in Osceola, Iowa

Edelweiss from Two Saints Winery in St. Charles, Iowa, and Peach Wine from Vetro Winery in Sullivan, Wisconsin

Blackberry Wine, White Cloud, and Raspberry Wine from Summerside Vineyards in Vinita, Oklahoma. These were my favorites, along with The Good Life

The Good Life, and Live For The Moment from Whispering Meadows Winery in McAlester, Oklahoma

2011/177: Queen Anne’s Lace

2011/176: Rum Balls

These are GOOD!! (Much better than those Hershey Kisses I posted yesterday!) Made with real rum, not just rum flavoring like they would use here in the US for rum balls that you could buy at a grocery store.
They were one of my birthday presents from my best friend…. and didn’t last long 😉 I’m so lucky that my birthday isn’t in the summer, when anything chocolate sent through the mail would be a melted mess!

2011/175: Cookies ‘n’ Creme Hershey Kisses

Eh.. not a favorite. I gave most of them to the kids, who seemed to like them a lot better than I did (especially Sara!)
Photo idea stolen from inspired by Becky

2011/174: Clover


“Show me a friend who will weep with me; those who will laugh with me I can find myself”
~ Slavic Proverb

2011/172: Prickly Pear (2)

2011/171: Prickly Pear (1)

2011/170: Daddy’s Little Helper

A week or two ago, Sara wanted to earn a little extra money and decided to mow the grass (after all, sissy gets paid pretty well when she mows the grass… but really doesn’t want to do it. And usually doesn’t, and it’s up to dad). Of course Sara is a little too young to mow the grass by herself, so Greg helped push the mower (it was probably the other way around!).
She didn’t help the whole time, either, and then was a little disappointed that she got paid much less than what she expected. And the poor thing was just about eaten alive by those darn mosquitoes, she had almost 20 bites!

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to my Honey, and to all the dads out there (even if you celebrate Father’s Day on a different day. I know in Germany it was a couple of weeks ago).

2011/169: Blue Eyed Grass

Sometimes also known as Yellow Tongued Purple Petalus 😉


2011/167: Ageing Yellow

This flower was a little past its prime, but still photographed pretty nicely.

2011/166: Pink Porcelain

Proof that a terribly underexposed picture doesn’t necessarily have to be deleted 😉

2011/165: Heavenly Bamboo

Also known as Nandina.

2011/164: Irresistable

Part 3 of the Winecups was supposed to be the last, but then Melissa found another one, and I just couldn’t resist, taking pictures of it.
And just to warn you now, I have one more post with winecup pictures coming up at some point, just not sure yet when 😉

Just heard from WP Support

(Added)    If you read this, please leave me a comment and let me know what the comment box and the text you type, looks like.  And please let me know what browser you use.
I’m still working with WP support to try and figure why some people can’t see what they’re typing in the comment box.
Thank you!

I contacted WP Support several days ago, and told them about the problem some of you are having with the comment reply box.
They suggested clearing out your cache and cookies to try to fix that problem. Here’s a link that tells you how to do that:
Clear your cache and cookies

Good luck! Hopefully this will help, and you can see what you’re typing again.

2011/163: Tulip

2011/162: Antelope Horns

What? You didn’t expect flower pictures? 😉
Found his mystery flower at Denison Dam – and was almost eaten alive by those almost-humming-bird-sized Texas mosquitoes while taking pictures of it. It was worth it, though, don’t you agree? Thanks to a Texas wildflower website, and a little bit of luck, I was able to identify it quickly. They are also known as spider milkweed, green-flowered milkweed, and spider antelope-horns.

2011/161: Summer Grass

2011/160: Memorial Day Getaway – 4

Lake Texoma, Denison Dam, part 2
After stopping at the river side, we drove back to the lake side of the dam to take a look at the spillway. That was actually pretty cool.  Do check out the Denison Dam link, to see a few more pictures, including one with water flowing down the spillway.

This was the view from the parking lot. There was a walkway to an “overlook” to the left of the picture. You could roll/run/walk/slide down the hill to get to the spillway, but we didn’t.

View from the overlook.

View of Lake Texoma from the spillway overlook.