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2011/154: Awarded

On Tuesday I received an e-mail from Sara’s teacher, letting me know that Sara will receive an award at Wednesday’s award ceremony, in case I could make it. Of course I could! I even snagged a seat in the first row of chairs that were set up for the parents. I didn’t tell Sara I was coming, and she didn’t even see me when her class first walked into the cafeteria.
Her award was for Super Scholar of the Year. It’s a character award, and the teacher’s choice. Only one student in each class receives one.
She got a certificate and a medal.

I was a little disappointed when her name wasn’t called for A-B Honor Roll, but then there it was for A Honor Roll! She received a pin (A Honor Roll for the last 6 week grading period) and a ribbon (A Honor Roll for the entire second semester)!
When she walked back to her seat with her ribbon and pin, is when she finally saw me… she probably saw the camera before she saw me! 😉

Then came the biggest surprise of all, when I heard her name called a third time! This time is was for Cool Cat Club, which means that she got a 95 or better all year!!  Out of all the 2nd, 3rd and 4th graders only TWO students received this award (a T-shirt), and Sara was one of them!
Her teacher later told me that she only knew about the Super Scholar award, not the other ones. Sara didn’t know about ANY of the awards.

What a great day this was! Melissa has always been a straight A student, but Sara has to struggle a little more, and gets discouraged easier, but she gives it her all, and she does so well! I couldn’t be more proud of her! ♥

Yesterday was the last day of school, and when I woke Sara up in the morning, she said “I can’t wait for 3rd grade!”