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2011/157: Memorial Day Getaway – 2

Monday morning, Memorial Day, we got up, had breakfast at the hotel, and then packed our things and checked out. We headed north to Lake Eufaula. We’ve driven past this lake many times, and we decided to see a little more of it since we had plenty of time to get home. The lake is huge, but we found a way to just drive around part of it. We wanted to stop at one of the park areas and found a pretty big one on the map in the brochure. Guess what? We couldn’t find it! We either missed it completely (although I don’t see how that would be possible) or it wasn’t there! Did I mention that I think those Okies are making things up for their travel brochures? (See previous post)
It was still a nice drive.
The lake is usually a beautiful deep blue, but was pretty muddy this time because of all the recent rain.

After our little tour around part of the lake, we made our way towards home. I consulted our good old-fashioned road atlas (anyone else still use those?) to see if there was anything else to do on our way, and I found something! To be continued tomorrow…