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I’m adding tags to some old posts, and Google Reader seems to think they are all new. Hopefully anyone with an e-mail subscription to my blog  isn’t getting flooded with “new” posts from me. I apologize if this is happening. (Of course the posts might be new to you if you haven’t been around for that long 😉 )
I promise I’m almost done…. only about a month and a half’s worth of posts to go.

2011/178: Good Thing….

… we’re leaving on vacation soon, and can bring back some new friends for those lonely three wine bottles left in our wine rack 😉
These are all from last year’s vacation.

Kick And A Pat, Sweet Lady Red, and You’Re Making Me Blush from Southern Hills Winery in Osceola, Iowa

Edelweiss from Two Saints Winery in St. Charles, Iowa, and Peach Wine from Vetro Winery in Sullivan, Wisconsin

Blackberry Wine, White Cloud, and Raspberry Wine from Summerside Vineyards in Vinita, Oklahoma. These were my favorites, along with The Good Life

The Good Life, and Live For The Moment from Whispering Meadows Winery in McAlester, Oklahoma