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Our vacation is over and we are back in hell Texas….. and came home to a broken air conditioner. It’s just after 2:30 pm and it’s already 102 degrees outside. Fun, fun! (NOT!)
A few vacation stats…

16       –  The number of days away from home
3543   –  Miles driven (5702 km)                   
6         –  States driven through
$1.89  –  The amount of money found by the kids
18       –  Lighthouses seen
16       –  Wineries visited
3         –  Diners, Drive-ins & Dives
1792   –  Pictures taken

Details to follow, but it’s going to be a while.

2011/197: Seeds For Weeds

I think these (former) weeds flowers are some kind of Queen Anne’s Lace variety, but not as dense. I found them in my yard and brough them inside for a little photo shoot. It was fun, trying different textures, and in the end made it really difficult to decide which one I liked best.