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2011/207: Summer Roadtrip, Indiana Part 1

Our vacation officially began at about 2:30 pm on Friday, July 1, 2011 when we locked up the house, got into the car and fought the beginnings of rush-hour traffic. Always fun, that part! We made it all the way to Miami that night. Miami, Oklahoma, that is! It took us longer than usual because of a back-up on I-44.  We stopped at the big McDonald’s above the highway to kill some time. Better than being stuck in the car, and inching along. We could watch the traffic from the windows, and when it looked like it was moving a little better, we got back on the road. We usually stop in Joplin, Missouri for the night, but because of the tornado earlier this year, we didn’t know if we would be able to get a hotel room, so we spent the night in Miami instead.
We were up early on Saturday because no one was able to sleep that well. Got on the highway and a short time later, Greg started weaving all over the road, just about giving me a heart attack! After what seemed like an eternity, he finally pulled over so I could drive.  Turned out that instead of his blood pressure pill, he accidentally took a sleeping pill!! I drove through most of Missouri while Greg got in a nice little nap, and he took over just before we reached St. Louis. We made it to Merrillville, Indiana by evening, and the kids met us at the hotel for a few hours. Sadly, Cameron only had the week-end and July 4th off, but Nick was off all week.
Sunday (July 3) they all came up to the hotel again, and after lunch we headed to Bakers Square for some pie, and to celebrate Nick’s Birthday a little early. The kids all had their uncle’s 4th of July party to go to in the evening, and we were on our own. Luckily we found a fireworks show to go to, although we didn’t exactly get the best spot to watch it. We decided to join a bunch of other people in a parking lot (which was free), rather than driving into the park and fighting all kinds of traffic on the way out.
On Monday (July 4) I finally got to meet my new daughter-in-law, Alexandra. Very sweet girl, but very shy around new people (totally like me!). Unfortunately she was only able to stay a few hours, and this was the only time we got to see her, due to her work schedule.

Nick & Alex

The weather was so beautiful that we spent quite a bit of time outside on the hotel’s patio. It was so much nicer than sitting in the hotel room.

My daughter-in-law Nikki

They even had a grill available for the guests, and we grilled sausages for dinner that night.


Cameron, Sara, Melissa and Greg