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2011/216: Summer Roadtrip, Michigan Part 6

On Tuesday, July 12, we followed US 31 south to Traverse City, stopping at Petoskey State Park and Fisherman’s Island State Park to look for petoskey stones. I think it was some kind of obsession LOL. You could buy them already polished, at the gift shops, but that’s not nearly as much fun as walking along the beach with your head down ūüėČ
The first picture was at Petoskey State Park and we didn’t find anything. It was too sandy. The second picture was Fisherman’s Island State Park (not an island at all!) and how could you not find any there?! It was the best petoskey-stone-hunting-beach we found, and also the beach where Sara just about gave us all a heart attack!¬† We were all walking along the shore, looking for rocks. Greg and the girls were way ahead of me and when I slowly caught up at one point, Greg asked me where Sara was. I look around, and she’s nowhere to be seen!!! We were the only ones in this area of the beach, but there were some woods that separated the beach from the road. I started yelling for her, hoping she could hear me over the noise of the waves, and praying that I would be able to hear her if she was in any kind of trouble. I don’t know how many times we yelled her name until she finally jumped out from behind a bush! Boy, was she lucky that I was too far away to run over to her in my flip-flops (not easy on a rocky beach like that!), I would have put a stop to any kind of fun she was going to have that day as punishment. Thankfully it all ended well and she didn’t run off into the woods and got lost…. or kidnapped!

After that little adventure, we followed US 31 to Traverse City and took¬† SR-37 all the way to the end of the peninsula – stopping at several wineries along the way – to Old Mission Lighthouse. The special thing about this lighthouse? It’s on the 45th parallel..¬†half way¬†between the North Pole and the Equator.

We made Manistee our stop for the night, taking a walk out to Manistee North Pierhead Light