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2011/265: Italian Car Fest, Part 4 – Fiat 500

Does this not have CUTE written all over it??!!! This was my favorite car at this car show ♥

1961 Fiat 500
Introduced in 1957 as a successor to the Fiat 500 Topolino that had been in production for twenty years, the Fiat 500 Nuova provided basic inexpensive transportation for the Italian masses and also many more parts of the world. Over 3.5 million were produced by 1975, when this body style was discontinued. These rugged, dependable little cars are held in high regard on their homeland of Italy, and are seen frequently on the streets.

Displacement: 500 cc (30
Wheelbase: 71 in.
Transmission: 4 speed non-sync.
Top speed: approx. 60 mph
Horsepower: approx. 17 h.p.
Weight: 992 lbs
Wheels: 12″
Fuel consumption: 50-60 mpg