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2011/271: Bonus – The Race

It’s technically cheating, but I’m going to submit this to Scott’s Competition assignment¬†anyway.

This little racetrack (it’s Sara’s) hasn’t seen any action in quite a while, unless collecting dust in a basket on her bookshelf counts ūüėČ
I didn’t want to flake again¬†on Scott’s assignment, and because there weren’t any competitions (that I knew of) around here, I decided it was time to dust off¬†set up the racetrack and pretend there was a race. Pretty sure the orange one is a Mercedes, so of course¬†it won! The Audi fell way behind!

Wouldn’t you know it… Sara saw the picture when I was getting it ready for the blog, and she put the track together and had fun knocking my car off the track with hers (I had fun knocking her car off the track with mine). She even got daddy to get off the couch to race a few laps with her.
So maybe this isn’t cheating after all?

Reminds me of the race track I had as a girl (of course mine was much better quality¬†than this one!). I was probably about Sara’s age, maybe a little older, and I soooo wanted a racetrack for Christmas. My dad had some fun building all kinds of twists and turns, and mounting them on a wooden board, and all I had to do, was put the straight part and one curve together. I remember that Christmas… I had to fight my dad and my uncle for some race time!

2011/271: Plano Balloon Festival, Part 4

Balloon Glow (Part 2)
It was a fun evening… even if the kids were bored. Mostly Melissa, because she refused to have fun. Sara did say she liked it, and she wants to go again next year (me, too!)

This one is my favorite from that day