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2011/305: Bonus – Spider!

Can’t have Halloween without a creepy little spider, can we? ūüėČ

2011/304: Happy Halloween!

Seems the trees in our front yard have become the home of a few ghosts…

Oh-oh, this one noticed that I was taking pictures… should I be scared?

2011/303: Sulphur Spring

Chickasaw National Recreation Area, Sulphur, Oklahoma.
Got real close to the water to get these shots, and lets just say the smell wasn’t exactly pleasant. The sacrifices we make for the sake of a few pictures…

2011/302: Sulphur, Oklahoma

The kids didn’t have school this past Monday, and Greg took the day off work. I had just gotten some Oklahoma travel guides in the mail, including Oklahoma Fall Foliage Tours.
A long week-end, and the possibility of fall colors…. the perfect excuse reason for a little getaway!
Our first stop was the Chickasaw National Recreation Area, just south of Sulphur.

Yes, the water did have a certain smell to it, but it wasn’t too bad.

2011/301: Cannstatter Volksfest

Oh, how I miss it!
Some of you may know that I grew up in Stuttgart, Germany. Bad Cannstatt, to be exact, which is a suburb of Stuttgart. 
The Volksfest is a big carnival (October Fest), starting in late September and ending in mid October, lasting for three weeks.
It was something we looked forward to, and we met our friends there after school several times in those three weeks. We had son much fun! Admission is free, and you only pay for the rides you want to go on.
This year, my best friend sent me a little surprise in the mail… a gingerbread heart from the Cannstatter¬†Volksfest. I thought about saving it, but then decided to eat it ūüôā

(Here’s a little¬†more about the¬†Volksfest¬†history if anyone is interested)

I think those yellow globs with the white globs at the top of the heart are supposed to be beer glasses.

2011/300: The Edge


2011/298: Fenced

I hate being stuck at home on week-ends. Seems more boring than being stuck at home during the week.
Thankfully this past week-end wasn’t one of those stuck-at-home ones.



“Thoughtfulness is to a friendship what sunshine is to a garden”
~ Anonymous

2011/295: Berries (Orange)

2011/294: Berries (Red)

2011/293: October Photo Hunt

This post is for Karen’s¬†October Photo Hunt. The theme? Idioms.
I wasn’t sure how to tackle it, so I took it literally (can’t wait to see what her other participants came up with). And thank goodness for the link with the list of idioms, Karen posted, because I probably only would have been able to come up with one. Maybe two. Requirement was three photos, and I got… well, let’s just say I made up for all the photo hunts I didn’t participate in. I’m getting extra points, right? ūüėČ
OK, here goes…

Come rain or shine

Don’t count your chickens before they hatch

She’s got a chip on her shoulder (and it’s a PITA, too!)

On the fence

X marks the spot (in this case, a coffee spot on my kitchen counter. Texture added to make it look less boring)

Let the cat out of the bag (or don’t)

Wear your heart on your sleeve

Tying the knot (although it looks like this knot has already been tied!)

That’s how the cookie crumbles (can you think of a better excuse reason to buy cookies than for a little photo shoot?)

On pins and needles (ouch! Glad I didn’t have to be the model for this one!)

The last straw (and also the last idiom photo hunt picture)

Bonus: “Show me Halloween!” Thank goodness this didn’t have to have anything to do with idioms, because I searched and searched, and couldn’t find a single one! So here’s two of the cute scary little ghosts, that are haunting our trees.

This was fun!! And if anyone wants to participate, there’s still time. Due date is Oct. 31, 2011!

2011/292: Woodpecker

Came home from the store, and as I got out of the car, I heard little tapping sounds. Looked around to see where they were coming from and what they were, and found this little guy in one of the trees in front of our house. I hurried inside to get may camera, and was lucky enough to snap a picture or two as he made me chase him around the tree for a better angle.

2011/291: What Am I?

Haven’t played this game in a while. Any guesses what this could be? It’s an easy one, isn’t it?
The first person who guesses correctly wins….. the SmartyPants Award! ¬†(aka bragging rights)¬† ūüėČ

2011/290: Toppings

At the local Yogurtville. I usually skip the toppings, though.


“A friend is someone who knows the song of your heart, and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words”
~ Anonymous

2011/288: I Can Always Make You Smile

She can’t run and/or hide, so she’s trying her hardest not to smile

That’s OK. I just tell her “Don’t smile!… Dooon’t¬†you smiiile!… Don’t do it!… Nope, don’t!… Don’t smiiile!”
Works every time! And not just with Sara, it works on Melissa, too. Even when they’re mad. (Just like telling them “don’t you eat my dinner!” when they were little).

Besides… how can you NOT smile when you’re eating a big huge tub¬†cup of frozen yogurt?!

2011/287: Wine-To-Be

I’m sure it’s going to be delicious!

2011/286: I Live In My Own Little World…

… but it’s OK, they know me there.

Photo inspired by Holly, except hers is so much cooler than mine!
Can I come live in your world, Holly? They can get to know me there! ūüėČ

This is the picture I used to create the above


2011/284: Chocolate Wine

I’ve seen different brands of chocolate flavored wine at some stores over the last few years and always thought it sounded gross. I like wine, and those who’ve been reading this blog for a while know that I love¬†chocolate… but chocolate flavored wine? Eewww!
Then on a recent sampling shopping trip to Sam’s Club, they offered samples of this Choco Noir Chocolate Wine Specialty (to thone over 21 only of course!)¬†and I thought I’d give it a try. I could always kill the taste with one of the other samples they offered that day, right? But you know what? It was surprisingly good! So good, that we bought a bottle. There’s no wine taste and it just tastes like thick liquid¬†chocolate with a kick. Yum!

2011/283: Filming The Photographer

It’s wrong. You really shouldn’t do that.
(Having fun Killing time DRIVING ME CRAZY! at the Plano Balloon Festival)

2011/282: Cracked

Hole in the ground, cause by the drought. This is at Sara’s school, right next to the playground! I hope the teachers do a good job supervising the kids, and keeping them away from the gates of hell¬†cracks in the ground so no one gets hurt. If Sara stood in it, it would be about knee-deep, and if it gets any worse, the city could turn the elementary school into a¬† visitor center and charge admission to see the Texas¬†Grand Canyon! ūüėČ