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2011/274: The Next B Family Photographer

She could quite possibly be following in her mom’s footsteps…. 😉

Can’t decide whether she’s supposed to be the model or the photographer!

11 responses

  1. She looks awfully cute!

    1. October, 2011 at 07:08

  2. Modeling is definitely in her future! Awesome series of photos!

    1. October, 2011 at 07:30

  3. doreen3boys

    strike a pose, soo cute! does Mel know now?

    1. October, 2011 at 08:44

  4. I love this cute little mother-daughter series. It is reallly sweet! Looks like Sara is having lots of fun.

    1. October, 2011 at 14:52

  5. Absolutely both coming model and photographer 😉

    1. October, 2011 at 16:42

  6. Thanks everyone.
    Doreen, nope, I don’t think Mel knows. (I didn’t tell her)

    1. October, 2011 at 19:32

  7. Sara looks great! love the last it baby!

    1. October, 2011 at 19:39

  8. Cute! You’re training them young, aren’t you? **smile**

    2. October, 2011 at 11:47

  9. Love this!! Definitely a budding photographer..and following her mom around!

    2. October, 2011 at 12:29

  10. Looks like she is both! No reason why she couldn’t do both. 🙂

    3. October, 2011 at 17:47

    • True! But it might pose some problems if she tried to do both at the same time! (That would be some SERIOUS multi-tasking! 😉 )

      3. October, 2011 at 17:50

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