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2011/298: Fenced

I hate being stuck at home on week-ends. Seems more boring than being stuck at home during the week.
Thankfully this past week-end wasn’t one of those stuck-at-home ones.

7 responses

  1. I know what you mean about having to stay home on a weekend – feels like you’re in a prison (sometimes)!! Glad you got to get out! 🙂

    25. October, 2011 at 07:31

  2. doreen3boys

    that is the exact reason why my kids are on teams…try staying home every single weekend, w/ 3 kids and no husband…….it is soooooooo hard.

    Can’t wait to see weekend pics……woohooo!

    25. October, 2011 at 08:39

  3. Gorgeous fence shot! Sometimes I don’t mind being stuck at home. Seems like I(we) are always on the go and it’s nice to slow down a little bit.

    25. October, 2011 at 13:10

  4. plainmama

    Sometimes I like the idea of a relaxing, stay at home weekend. And then everyone goes stir crazy and acts wild. And I can’t wait to escape those 4 walls.

    25. October, 2011 at 14:05

  5. I hate staying inside all weekend. I don’t have to go far, but getting out of the house is always nice. Love the texture of this photo!

    26. October, 2011 at 10:25

  6. So where did you go?
    I like having choice on the weekend! I don’t want anyone to say I HAVE to stay home, but I like being able to if I want to.

    26. October, 2011 at 20:36

  7. I like this. The DOF makes it really interesting.

    29. October, 2011 at 15:58

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