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2011/281: Drought Resistant

On my recent “photo walk” with Sara, we found these little daisies (or whatever they are) growing in the field at her school. They didn’t seem to mind the heat and drought. Don’t let the little patch of green grass fool you!

Did you know that when you pick these little daisies-or-whatever-they-are, their petals turn a pale purple?

2011/280: I’d Rather Be At The Beach

Really! I would! 🙂

2011/279: Highschool Art

Melissa missed a day of school recently and had to bring her art project home to finish it over a week-end.  They had to print out a photo (had to be a photo, it couldn’t be a drawing or painting) and then duplicate it on the scratch pad. I think it turned out amazing!

Of course I forgot to take a picture of the finished project, and had Melissa ask her teacher if she could borrow it (and return it the next day) so her crazy mom could take a picture of it for her blog. Melissa said that hers was one of the pieces of art that her teacher chose to display at the school.

2011/278: Hypnotized

2011/277: Fall Colors

So they’re in the form of flower petals and not leaves, but they’re still fall colors!
This was taken last November at the Dallas Arboretum.


2011/275: Lace Cap Hydrangea

(I think!)

2011/274: The Next B Family Photographer

She could quite possibly be following in her mom’s footsteps…. 😉

Can’t decide whether she’s supposed to be the model or the photographer!