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2011/363: Christmas Non-Surprise

Unfortunately Santa didn’t get to surprise Melissa with her gift, because she got a choice of either a netbook, or a keyboard, and… she chose the keyboard. We made sure to ask her several times before giving Santa the go-ahead to buy it. Wouldn’t have been the first time that she changed her mind about something 😉
She got to try it out at the store, and then look at it in the dining room for over a month (at least it was wrapped in wrapping paper most of that time, although I’m not sure that this made the torture any less for her).
We went and got a stand for it yesterday, after cleaning out her room to make space for it on Tuesday, and now it’s all set up in her room. She’s pretty good, too! (Now I guess I’m waiting for her to come home from school one day and announce Mom!! Dad!! My friends and I started a band!! )