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2012/038: Bonus – Teaser

Promised a friend that I would post a sunrise shot today 🙂
This was taken on Saturday, January 28, 2012 at 7:01 am. It was a cold morning, only in the 30’s, and of course in my rush out of the house, when I realized that we were going to have a sunrise worth photographing (and was it ever!!!! ♥), I left my gloves at home. I was only out there for about 20 minutes, but by the time I got back into the car, I couldn’t feel my fingers anymore…. but it was well worth it!
So, here’s a little teaser of things to come… and the pictures won’t even do the real thing justice (they wouldn’t, even if I had a Canon! ;-))

2012/038: Smile

Don’t think I’ll ever get tired of this song 🙂