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2012/151: Pink

2012/150: Self Portrait

Not mine… Mel’s!
She brought one of her art projects home recently, and when she showed it to me my reaction was “Wow! WOW! This is really good!!!… Can I have it???” 🙂 Just wish she had rolled it up instead of folded it…

2012/149: Hurry!

But then again….it’s 5 o’clock somewhere, right? 😉

2012/148: I Loved You Yesterday…

… I love you today… I will love you tomorrow.


Dreams are illustrations from the book
your soul is writing about you
~ Marsha Norman

2012/146: iMacro Bubble

I was leaning way over the kitchen sink the other day, iPhone in hand, taking pictures of a tiny little dish soap bubble on the window sill, when Sara walked into the kitchen, looked at me like I’ve just gone crazy, and said “what are you doing ??”  🙂


2012/145: Wild Onions

2012/144: Painted

2012/143: Stapled

Another one from our recent home improvement project.


It is at the edge of a petal that love waits.
~ William Carlos Williams

2012/141: Pink Gerbera (2)

2012/140: iMazing Macros

iMazing can only mean one thing….. taken with my iPhone 😉


Texas Dandelion

2012/139: White Gerbera (3)

2012/138: iMazing Clouds (2)

Taken with my iPhone.

2012/137: iMazing Clouds (1)

All of these were taken with my iPhone

2012/136: Porch

Front porch, to be exact 🙂


2012/135: Nailed Again

2012/134: Happy Mother’s Day

2012/133: Building Material

2012/132: Saw

…and saw dust

2012/131: Perfect Pair

2012/130: Dragonfly

Although it could be a damsel fly. Not sure what the difference is…

2012/129: Screwed