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2012/189: A Hint Of Pink

2012/188: Chihuly At The Dallas Arboretum (4)

These were all taken with my iPhone

2012/187: Sticking Together

2012/186: The Continuation

End Of The Road? What end of the road?
Honestly, I did think about giving up blogging and just sticking with Stuart and Trevor’s Excellent Adventures because there’s no pressure to post something every day. Daily blogging had become such a chore, and the fact that I was running out of pictures to post because I felt no inspiration or desire whatsoever to pick up the camera, didn’t exactly help matters either.
It felt pretty good at first…not having the blog to worry about every day…. but I admit, the longer I was gone, the more I started to miss it, and quitting in the middle of the year was bugging me a bit, too, and I’m thinking that I should at least finish the current 365 (or in this year’s case 366 😉 ).
So here I am… out of hiding… making it look like I was never gone in the first place (OK, once I’m caught up to the current date, it will look like I was never gone 😉 ). No telling if I will be back for good, or if I will disappear again at some point, but for now I’m back.

2012-186 WM


2012/185: The End Of The Road

2012/184: Best Friends

2012/183: Whirl