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2012/281: Solitude

2012/280: Sand Hills Lighthouse

Sand Hills Lighthouse is in Ahmeek, Michigan and run as a bed & breakfast. They don’t offer tours, but that didn’t stop us from looking at it from the outside.

2012/279: Eagle River Falls

Eagle River Falls was another easy-to-find roadside waterfall. Of course the girls were especially happy, because that meant not having to hike who-knows-how-far to get to it 😉

2012/278: Brave

Found this little butterfly right next to Jacobs Falls and had a little photo shoot while Greg and the kids were busy picking thimble berries.  He (she?) was truly brave because I got to get within about half an inch with my iPhone and olloclip. These photos, however, were taken with my Nikon and macro lens.

2012/277: Jacobs Falls

Jacobs Falls was very easy to find…it was right next to the road, and you couldn’t miss it.

2012/276: Italian Car Fest (6)

1952 Triumph Limousine
Don’t think this was actually part of the Italian Car Fest, as it was parked outside, in the “Italian Car Parking”. Didn’t stop me from taking pictures, though 😉

For anyone who’d like you know what’s written on the sign in the first photo, here are the car facts:
Engine: 4cyl 2088cc
Transmission: 3 speed
Wheel base: 111 inches
Horsepower: 68 BHP
Top speed: 77.5 mph
Max torque: 1300 in-lbs.
0 to 60 in 25 seconds
Cost: £1440 ($4032)
190 cars manufactured, 17th car built
Build date: 20 January 1952, Registered in Coventry
Restored in 2006, Imported in 2012

2012/275: Italian Car Fest (5)

The Italian Connection:  1964 Triumph TR4  (design by Michelotti)