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2014/081: Photo Ideas

I promised Mike on his blog a while back that I would post some of my photo ideas, and I’m finally getting around to it. I had a short list already, but I needed some more ideas…..and I’m still open to suggestions, if anyone has any. As much as I love flowers, I want to photograph other things as well.


So here’s what I have so far:
– Water droplets splashing in water (I asked a friend for a challenge and this is what I got… and it’s going to be a challenge!)
– Tilt shift
– Marbles
– (Burning) matches
– Continue my coffee mug series
– Oil & Water macros
– Game pieces / family game night
– Playing cards
– Food photography (possibly with the recipe)

*And no, the little camera in the photo above is not a Canon (I’d never go to the dark side! 😉 ), it’s a Couen.