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2014/066: Out For A Stroll

The one and only ladybug Sara and I saw at the Dallas Arboretum during our visit last month…

2014-066 1

2014-066 2

The following two photos are the ones that Sara took with my old iPhone 4s and olloclip (un-edited). She had a lot of fun with it, and once she started taking pictures with the iPhone, she didn’t take any more with her “real” camera.
2014-066 3S

2014-066 4S

2014/065: Even More Daffodils

Even more daffodils (a different variety this time) from my recent visit to the Dallas Arboretum.

2014-065 1

2014-065 2

2014/064: More Daffodils

More daffodils from my recent visit to the Dallas Arboretum.

2014-064 1

2014-064 2

2014/063: Daffodils

Went to the Dallas Arboretum with Sara a few days before the official start of Dallas Blooms. Unfortunately we saw mostly pansies, no blooming tulips at all (which was a bit disappointing) and only a few daffodils. I do have an annual membership, and we’ll be going back next week when the kids are off for spring break. Hopefully we’ll see a lot more spring flowers then.

2014-063 1

2014-063 2

2014/062: No Slacking On A Snow Day!

I know this picture has nothing to do with a snow day, but I have been slacking lately, forgetting to schedule posts in advance and not realizing until the morning that nothing published. Some of you may have noticed 😉
Well today the kids got a snow day, after yesterday’s freezing rain and sleet (but no snow), and with the roads a sheet of ice, I’m going to put everything else aside and dedicate this day to scheduling some posts for the next couple of weeks.

This photo was taken at the Rosine Smith Sammons Butterfly House in Dallas.

2014/061: Where The Fern Grows

From our visit to San Antonio, TX about a year ago.


2014/060: Good Morning, Sunshine!

Happy March!