crop happens…



… just long enough to take some pictures of it before it went off to its new owner
(I think I’m in love… no… I know I’m in love! ♥)

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2012/274: iRainbow

Taken with my iPhone somewhere along I-55 in Illinois this past July.

2012/273: Italian Car Fest (4)

1959 Taraschi Formula Junior

The owner asked Sara if she wanted to sit in the car, but she said no…couldn’t even bribe her with ice-cream!!
Was a shame that it was up on the trailer…certainly would have made for a better picture if it wasn’t.

Mother/daughter self portraits 😉

2012/272: Italian Car Fest (3)

Today’s feature: Maserati

This one was still dealer owned, with the sticker in the window.
Miles per gallon : city 13, highway 21 (comes with a Gas Guzzler Tax of $1,700!!)
Aerodynamic (and really cool looking…as you can see below) carbon fiber pack: $2,750
Total suggested retail price: $150,265!! Yeah….I think I’d rather buy a house for that price!

I think I prefer the red 😉

2012/271: Eagle Harbor Light

Eagle Harbor Lighthouse offers very reasonably priced tours ($5 for adults, children under 16 are free) and we took the self guided tour of the lighthouse and adjacent maritime museum. The lighthouse is still an active one and even though we could take the stairs all the way to the top, we couldn’t get into the room where the light is.

2012/270: Copper Harbor Light

We could have taken a boat tour to visit Copper Harbor Light, but it was a bit expensive and we decided to skip it. We did have a nice view of it from across the water…

2012/269: Mendota Channel Light

Unfortunately this is as close as we got to this beautiful little lighthouse.

2012/268: Italian Car Fest (2)

Today: Alfa Romeo

My favorite this year:

2012/267: Italian Car Fest (1)

Last year, the Italian Car Fest in Grapevine, Texas was so much fun, that I decided to drag everyone there again this year, when it was held on September 8th 😉
Thankfully the weather was a bit cooler than last year, and unlike last year, I wasn’t the only one of the family who brought the camera. Both girls brought theirs!
I waited until a couple of days before, to tell the girls that we were going, thinking that after watching several seasons of Top Gear on Netflix (and LIKING it!!), they’d appreciate it more than they did last year. Sara wasn’t too thrilled about going, but remembered the gelato (that they were supposed to have, but didn’t have last year) and asked “can we get gelato??” Um, we’ll see! (No gelato this year either!)
When I asked Melissa if she was excited about going, she answered with a very non-excited “sure…probably gonna bring my camera, too”.
It was actually a nice day, without any whining from the kids!!

Don’t expect to see too many “whole car” shots…with all these rude people there, who couldn’t be bothered to wait three seconds for me to get my shot, I had to get a little creative 😉

Today’s installment: Ferraris!

2012/266: Racing Fun

Thought we’d let the kids have a little fun on vacation, too….and at the same time give Melissa a little more driving practice 😉

2012/265: iSoar

Not to be confused with eye sore! 😉
Taken with my iPhone somewhere in Illinois along I-55

2012/264: Paparazzi

Caught this weirdo taking a picture of me… without my permission….and with a point-and-shoot!!! Thankfully Sara was able to get ahold of his camera and she deleted all the pictures of me. Weirdo was very disappointed! (Funniest thing that happened all vacation! 🙂 )

2012/263: Sand Point Light

Spent some time at Sand Point Light in Baraga, Michigan. The lighthouse wasn’t open to the public, but there was a picnic area right at the lake, and we kicked off our shoes and got our feet wet in Lake Suuperior.

2012/262: iNature (4)

All photos taken with my iPhone + olloclip

Wild blueberry

2012/261: Falls River

We drove through L’Anse again on our way to Houghton, Michigan, where we spent a few days on our vacation this summer. On our way through L’Anse we stopped at Falls River and walked along the river for a while. Of course I stopped often to take pictures of the many wildflowers there. I didn’t have the macro lens on my camera, but I did have my iPhone and olloclip. I must have spent a little too much time with the flowers, because at some point Greg and the girls had left me behind and gone on ahead (was really nice not knowing which way they went when, on my attempt to catch up, I came to a fork in the road and I had to send Greg a quick “where the heck are you??” text). Saw some deer very close to me in the bushes (not sure who was startled more, the deer or me!) that Greg and the girls missed because they didn’t want to wait for me.

2012/260: Silver Falls

The Lower Silver Falls aren’t exactly what I’d call a waterfall, but still pretty.

2012/259: Thimbleberries

My dear readers who are also Stuart and Trevor fans already know that we got to meet up with Kathy in L’Anse one afternoon. Well Kathy told us about thimble berries which are similar to raspberries. After that day, we always looked for them on our walks through the woods, and picked the ripe ones. I think it was still a little early in the season, because most of them weren’t quite ripe yet.
This one looked so perfect I had to take a picture of it first 😉

We also found Thimble Berry jam and bought a jar to bring home with us. It was delicious! Sara disagreed, and Melissa never wanted to taste it, which was fine…..more for me!


2012/258: iNature (3)

Photos taken with my iPhone + olloclip

2012/257: Powerhouse Falls

Powerhouse Falls near L’Anse, Michigan

2012/256: Another Marquette Sunrise

Definitely would have been worth getting up early for if I hadn’t been up already 😉

2012/255: Da Yoopers Tourist Trap

On the day we went to Big Bay Point Lighthouse, we made it back to the hotel early, and because I didn’t want to just sit around all day, I looked through our travel brochures to see if I could find us something to do, and I found Da Yoopers Tourist Trap in nearby Ishpeming, Michigan. Sounded like fun, admission was free, and what’s not to love about a tourist trap? 😉
I apologize for the picture overload…

Loved this oversized chair! Definitely my favorite exhibit. Even made the kids sit in it (as you can clearly see by the excitement on their faces 😉 )

(No comment…)

“Bicycle Built For Two Ol’ Farts”
Arnold had a wife that wouldn’t shut up. So he invented this bike so he could share quality time without the constant nag, nag, nag… (built by Arnold Saari)

“Yooper Snow Removal Payloader”
1930 Model A-5 couple body, 1-ton 1931 Model AA Hearse chassis and the lift system is builts from a 1936 Plymouth differential (on the back of the car). The differential on the back of the cat is connected to the transfer case by power take off and two fan belts, which are operated by a shift lever inside the cab. The bucket is held up by a locking manual pump master cylinder, located in the cab of the vehicle. The chain above the door releases the bucket to dump the load. This Coupe has travelled over 100,000 miles and is still running! (built by George and Art Liimatainen, Mass, Michigan)

“The Percy-Pede”
This vehicle is used by serious hunters. The guy in the front is the “Deer Whistle” and the guy in the back is the “Troller”. He trolls for deer with a pole and a bag of cabbage tied to the end of the line which is dragged through the woods. (built by Percy Olmsted and Billy Langson)

“Camp Go For Beer”

2012/254: Big Bay Point Lighthouse

The day we went to Big Bay Point Lighthouse was one of the more relaxed days of our vacation. That’s all we had planned that day. We left the hotel mid morning and made it to Big Bay just in time to eat lunch at the Thunder Bay Inn (the food was very good!) and then made our way to the lighthouse, which is run as a bed & breakfast. Tours were supposed to be available although no one seemed to be around.
The lighthouse is also for sale (for a mere  $1,275,000). So…..if anyone has $1.2 million lying around and doesn’t know what to get me for my Birthday in February, this would be a great idea! 😉

2012/253: iNature (2)

All photos taken with my iPhone + olloclip

2012/252: Amusement

This was during the early part of our trip, during the few days we spent in Indiana. The Indiana Visitors Center was within walking distance of the hotel and we decided to check it out one morning. Greg found this little game at the gift shop and while I was browsing, I heard…

G: “Honey! Come here!”
M: “What?”
G: “Take a picture!”
M: “Whyyyyy?????”
G: “Post it!!”

(How old is he….5??) Originally posted on Instagram, now on the blog, too 😛