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2009/134: Mow Me

Thankfully the grass was mowed the day I took this picture.


2009/131: Bonus – Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Enough already!!!!
We lucked out over the week-end and it was mostly damp. Got another soccer game out of the way, but it was drizzly and I decided to keep the camera in the car. It was killing me, not being able to take pictures!!! But, I figured, if I went and got it, it would start pouring.
Yesterday was drizzly a good part of the day, too, and today the rain is back. I’m ready for those clouds to make some room for the sun!

This was taken at the park where I usually walk… the fields are slowly turning into lakes.

2009-131 RainRainGoAway

2009/126: Follow The Leader

(Also the title of tonight’s episode of LOST)


2009/47: A Bug’s View (2)


2009/46: A Bug’s View (1)