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Counting Down

One of my favorite things around Christmas time as a child was an Advent Calendar. Back then I had the ones with a piece of chocolate behind the little doors, and we always get the girls a chocolate Advent Calendar.
This more adult version with just a picture behind each door was a surprise from Germany.

2013-054 a

2013-054 b

2011/353: Advent Calendar

“Oh Christmas Tree Tea, oh Christmas Tree Tea…”
My best friend sent me a little surprise recently…. this tea advent calendar. She had sent one a few years ago and I really loved the idea. It’s fun to drink a different type of tea every day, while counting down to Christmas.
Today’s tea was “sweet chili tea”. Delicious! Definitely one of my favorites.

2010/349: Advent Calendar

Another fun thing from my childhood. I always had the chocolate-filled ones, and I always get them for the girls now (made in Germany, even!). This year, my best friend found an Advent Calendar greeting card and sent it to me. That was such a sweet surprise, and such a pretty card.
And, it’s just as much fun to open one of the doors each day as it was when I had the chocolate kind as a child.
Pictured on the card is the Dresdner Frauenkirche.

Counting Down

Michaels had these cute advent calendars this year, made out of wood, to paint yourself. They had Santas and snowmen, and I bought one of each and painted them for the girls. Unfortunately the snowman didn’t turn out that well (I made the mistake of painting the numbers with glitter glue) so you only get to see a picture of the Santa. Melissa liked the snowman anyway, so it’s hers, and Sara got the Santa. They love them, and the first thing they do in the morning, is open a little door. I put chocolate in most of hem, but a few have other little surprises, like a bell necklace, some quarters wrapped in tissue paper, tiny Christmas ornaments, or a crocheted finger puppet.


Advent Calendar

My friend Heike sent me a Christmas countdown, all the way from Germany. It’s a box with 24 different teas, one for each day until Christmas. Can’t wait to try them all!

On the day that the package arrived (but before it arrived), I saw this mug at a Hallmark store. Had to go back the next day to buy it, because it was so perfect for this.