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2012/308: RC Air Show

2012/265: iSoar

Not to be confused with eye sore! đŸ˜‰
Taken with my iPhone somewhere in Illinois along I-55

2011/112: Home Again

Greg has been in Florida on business all week. He had to leave Sunday evening so he would make it to a meeting on time on Monday.
Today, he’s finally coming home again.

These pictures were taken in Minneapolis last summer, while visiting my niece. She lives within walking distance of the airport.

2010/234: Coming In For A Landing

Well… we should be back from vacation today. The plan was to be back before today, because it’s back to school for the girls tomorrow, so today is the latest we could have come back.
This is also the last post I scheduled before we left, so if you don’t see a new post tomorrow, better send out a search party because we must have gotten lost somewhere đŸ˜‰