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2011/325: {M}iPad

I had some money saved up for a lens… but then decided to spend it on an iPad instead, and have not regretted it.  Such a fun little gadget.
Of course some of my favorite apps are photography related, and I have a few games, too….. and lots of other useful and fun apps. There’s even a WordPress app, which will really come in handy when we’re on vacation.

The only frustrating thing is that the WiFi doesn’t work great in the living room, because the router is two rooms away in the far corner. But I can still Facebook, check e-mails, play Words with Friends, Hanging with Friends, and surf the web from the comfort of my couch, and not have to run into the computer room during commercial breaks.

If you have an iPad or iPhone, what are your favorite apps?
One of my favorites is Flipboard (iPad only). Makes everything (Google Reader, Flickr, Facebook, etc.) look like you’re flipping though a magazine.
Favorite photo apps are Instagram, Photostudio HD, and Photo fx. I have more,  but haven’t really gotten a chance to play yet.

A big thank you to Scott and Becky for answering all my questions 🙂