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2009/50: First One

Last week, when I was out with Amber, taking pictures, we stopped at this quilting store here in town because I needed a camera strap cover for my D300. It seemed only fitting that I should take the first pictures with the new camera of the fabric I found. I loved the colors, and what could be more perfect than flowers, right? And, it’s girlie! Greg won’t come near the camera if it has a girlie camera strap cover on it. He has a business trip to NYC coming up in March and had the nerve to ask me if he could take the D300 with him to take pictures!! Um, NO! I offered him the D70s, but I need all my lenses and he would have to stop at B&H to get a lens ( 😉 ). He didn’t seem to like this idea very much, even though I told him I could give him a list to choose from.
Anyway… here’s my find! And not to worry, I bought myself some tulips for my Birthday yesterday, so stay tuned for pictures of them.


We also went out to dinner with friends yesterday, to one of my favorite restaurants.  Thanks Amber & family for spending part of my day with me, we really had a great time.