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2009/163: Blueberry Hill Farms (3)

The only pictures of me picking blueberries and blackberries 😉

2009-163 3a

2009-163 3b

2009/161: Blueberry Hill Farms (1)

More pictures from our little trip on Sunday.

2009-161 1a

2009-161 1b

2009-161 1c

2009-161 1d

2009-161 1e

2009/159: Pick ‘N Edom

We went to Edom, TX to pick blackberries and blueberries Sunday morning. Greg kicked the poor girls out of bed at 6 am and we were on the road by about 6:30 am…. and back home around 1:30 pm.
We picked a LOT of blackberries, and a TON of blueberries! We’ll probably be sick of them by the time we eat them all. But it was fun!


2009/105: Blueberries

We didn’t just walk out of Lowe’s with a couple of birdhouses and a baggie of bird seed on Saturday. Greg bought a raspberry, blackberry, and blueberry plant to put in our future garden (does this not scream of a project to start and never finish, just like every other project that Greg starts? I bet some of you are wondering if he even started this project, and if he did, how far he got! I won’t tell…..yet! Stay tuned!)

They’re not quite blueberries yet


Blueberry Smile

Found this bowl on my kitchen counter like that this morning. Left there by Sara after she ate some blueberries.

She seems to be doing a tiny bit better today. Still coughing, nose still runny and red, still a lowgrade fever, eyes still red and tired, but she’s not quite as clingy as she was yesterday. BUT, it’s only been about two hours since she woke up.