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2010/347: Malefiz

On Saturday, a package from Germany arrived, and one of the things inside was my favorite board game from when I was a child: Malefiz (also known as Barricade). My best friend sent it to me as a thank-you for finishing two cross-stitched tablecloths that she had started and wasn’t able to find the time to finish.
Sara saw me open the box, and asked what it was, and when I told her that it was a game, her face lit up, and she asked “can we play it?”  Sure! I played two rounds with her right away, and after dinner all four of us played. Melissa wasn’t too happy about it, because she wanted to play on the computer instead, but mean mommy didn’t give her a choice. And wouldn’t you know it… she ended up winning!

2009/39: Monopoly

Greg bought this game recently, for “family night”…. knowing that I hate Monopoly!! I really do. Call me weird, but I think this is the most boring game and it takes  f o r e v e r !!! But then of course I’m expected to help Sara, because at 5 years old, she can’t really read yet, or count out the money, and I’m stuck playing anyway. I did for a little while, but then I left it up to Greg to help her.  After all, I did warn him before he bought the game, that I wanted nothing to do with it.
We used to have this game when I was a kid, and I hated it then, too. My sister would beg me to play it with her until I finally gave in. But I played to lose. I “forgot” to collect money when she landed on one of my properties and when I landed on one of hers, I gave her too much money and told her to “keep the change”.