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2014/130: Bokehlicious

Of course that’s a word! 😉


2014/002: Guinness Bokeh

A little fun with bokeh before I take our Christmas tree down 😉
I used to not like beer….. tried it as a teenager a few times, but yuck!! (And no worries, it was perfectly legal because I grew up in Germany and you’re allowed to purchase / drink beer and wine when you’re 16)….. then Brian came along and drove me to drinking talked me into trying a Guinness, and much to my surprise I actually liked it! The cans, not the bottles!! (yuck!) That even made hubby happy, and he said that he should thank Brian for getting me to like beer, because now when he stops to pick up a 6-pack for himself, he’ll pick up some Guinness for me and won’t have to say “nothing” when I ask him “what’d you get for me??”


Cozy Christmas Eve


I Wasn’t Going To…

We’re not going to be “home for the holidays” this year, and I wasn’t going to put up our tree…too much work. I’m not one of those people who dig out the Christmas decorations as soon as the Thanksgiving dishes are cleared off the table, and always wait until the week-end before Christmas to set up and decorate the tree. But we’ll be gone almost all of Christmas week and it just didn’t seem worth it. But…as you can see…. I changed my mind. Although I kept the decorating to a minimum and only hung the glass ball ornaments and some jingle bells. Good enough 😉