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2014/067: I ♥ Reading

I go through phases where I read all day every day (every free minute anyway 😉 ) and then there are times – like now – when it’s difficult to either find the time to read, or the ability to sit and relax long enough to read. There always seems to be something else or I get side tracked, and find myself wishing I could just turn everything off and concentrate on a good book.
I think I prefer to read e-books on my iPad (after saying for years that “real” books are the way to go, and I’d never get an e-reader 😉 ) but I still read the occasional paper book.
The book I’m reading right now (and which is pictured below) is the German edition of Night Waking by Sarah Moss.
I have many, many e-books (both complete and samples) downloaded on my iPad.
My favorite type of books are thrillers, mysteries, maybe something with a touch of the supernatural, or a crime/police drama (favorite series are the Logan McRae books by Stuart MacBride and I’m anxiously awaiting the next one).  I don’t much go for the romance novel, certainly not the historical romance novels (does that surprise you? 😉 ) And please no dragons, elves or wizards, etc. for me either!

What are you reading right now? Do you prefer e-books or paper books?
Would love it if you let me know in the comments 🙂


2010/280: Vision

2010/126: Reading Material

I think I might actually find some time to read in about a month or so, and I’m hoping my faithful blog readers have some book suggestions for me. I like fiction, thrillers, mysteries….  no sappy love stories (I prefer those as movies 😉 ) and I’m NOT into sparkly vampires, any kind of elves, aliens, robots, or wizards, etc.

I Can See!

I could see just fine before, but it’s nice to get new glasses. I can’t even remember how long I’ve had my old ones. Probably at least three or four years. I like these, and what I really like, is that they have the (magnetic) clip-on sunglasses and I no longer have to switch between the regular pair and the sunglasses.


10 points to anyone who can guess which book that is 😉