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….And Now I Have Three!

I’ve wanted a tattoo for a years ! I’ve even mentioned it in this post but I’ve always been too chicken to do it (a tattoo of a chicken was mentioned in the comments – haha, very funny :-P)
Then last year, after a devastating event, I decided it was finally time to overcome my fear and just DO IT! And I knew exactly what I wanted. The initials of all four of my kids in the shape of a heart….and I must say, it worked out perfectly. The design was a bit of a problem for me, though, because I was working with all upper case letters…until a friend’s genius idea of using lower case, then it all came together nicely.
My hip seemed the perfect spot for it, because that’s where I carried them when they were little (not to mention the fact that there’s a bit of umm…padding…which would hopefully make it less painful 😉 ) It really wasn’t bad at all. It stings a little bit and kind of feels like someone’s drawing on you with a mechanical pencil. The weirdest thing was the vibrations I felt from my hips all the way down my legs.

004 - Tattoo1

The thing about tattoos…..they’re addicting! You can’t just stop at one, because you’ll want another one. NEED another one! LOL
And the perfect second tattoo for me? A camera of course! A very good friend of mine was nice enough to agree to draw one for me (Thank you! Again) because my camera drawing skills just aren’t that great, and I wanted something original. As expected, this hurt a bit more than the first one, but still not too bad. Ha this one done in February, about a week after my birthday.

004 - Tattoo2

When I got my camera tattoo, I already knew that I wanted a third (did I mention tattoos are addictive??) and decided on a butterfly. Just because I like butterflies. And this time it was my own drawing, too. I chose my left shoulder because it just seemed like the right spot to put it, and it would balance out the other two that are both on the right side of my body. Had this one done just a couple of days ago

004 - Tattoo3

Not sure if I’ll stop at three. I might. But there’s also a chance that I might…maybe…possibly….get two more. Just need to decide what and where 😉

A big thank you to Matt (who did my first tattoo) and Daryl (who did the other two) at Scarecrow Tattoo and Art Gallery for doing such a wonderful job.

2014/155: At The Butterfly House Again

Seems like I’m there a lot, but I’m not. I just try to get as many pictures as possible when I am there.

2014-155 1

2014-155 2

2014/152: Flutterby

This one’s definitely one of my favorites. Ever!


2014/111: At The Butterfly House

2014-111 a

2014-111 b

2014/105: Ready…

…for take-off!


2014/094: Little Cutie

Not sure what it is, but it’s awfully cute! ♥

2014-094 a

2014-094 b

2014/074: White On White

Early morning in a field of Queen Anne’s Lace.


2014/069: At The Butterfly House

At the Rosine Smith Sammons Butterfly House (part of Texas Discovery Gardens) in Dallas.

2014-069 01

2014-069 02

2014-069 03

2014/057: A Place To Rest

On our last visit to the Rosine Smith Sammons Butterfly House at Texas Discovery Gardens, Sara got a butterfly to climb onto her hand so she could rescue it from the walkway.
(It’s such a shame to see some parents let their kids run wild in there to chase the butterflies and try to catch them, and not remind them to watch where they step!)


Chasing Butterflies

2013-028 a

2013-028 b

2012/352: Butterfly Flutter By




2012/278: Brave

Found this little butterfly right next to Jacobs Falls and had a little photo shoot while Greg and the kids were busy picking thimble berries.  He (she?) was truly brave because I got to get within about half an inch with my iPhone and olloclip. These photos, however, were taken with my Nikon and macro lens.

2012/237: Butterfly

2011/314: Roman Nose State Park (1)

2011/187: Rest

2011/148: Butterfly, Take 2

2011/147: Butterfly, Take 1

This little beauty was very brave and let me get within inches with the camera, and didn’t fly away. Of course the secret is to move very slowly.

2011/110: Tattered

Found this poor little thing on one of the blackberry flowers. Probably a victim of those insanely high winds early last week (30-35 mph sustained, with 50-55 mph gusts)

2011/092: Cutie

2011/035: Sara’s Choice

I let Sara pick the picture for today. I think she chose well 😉
(Taken in early November at the Dallas Arboretum)

2010/134: Great Purple Hairstreak

From the archives (2006)