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2010/235: Fourteen Candles

Today is a big day…. it’s Melissa’s 14th Birthday, and her first day in highschool!
Happy Birthday, Mellie!

We celebrated yesterday, since she wouldn’t really be able to enjoy it today. She picked out her own cake (Red Velvet… store bought, since it’s waay too hot to turn on the oven – yesterday it was 109 F!!) and she got lots of cash,  and an iTunes gift card. We are also getting her a new phone in the near future (with a keyboard, so we can hopefully decipher her text messages 😉 ) and we will be adding her to my wireless plan. Right now she has a TracFone and needs to use up her minutes before she can get the new phone.
I thought I would have some fun with her, and took a picture of my phone’s keyboard, and put the print into her birthday card. The look on her face when she pulled the picture out was priceless! She had no idea what it meant, and at first thought that she was getting a laptop. I think she’s excited about the new phone.
She already used some of her cash to buy Super Mario Kart for the Wii.

Not sure what she was thinking here… maybe wondering why all she was getting was a card, and no wrapped presents?

4th Advent


Advent Wreath (2)



Advent Wreath (1)

This past Sunday was the 1. Advent, which is the fourth Sunday before Christmas. Growing up, we always had an advent wreath, but they seem to be very hard to find here in the US.  Mine is not a traditional wreath (but I can change the figurines and leave it up all year), and I “cheat” by lighting all four candles at once. You’re supposed to light one candle on the 1. Advent, two candle on the 2. Advent, and so on. To read more about advent wreaths, and to see pictures of traditional ones, click here.


Make A Wish

Things I Love – part 3

Yankee Candles!!

Butter Cream ~ Cherry Lemonade ~ Coconut Bay ~ Vanilla Lime ~ Vanilla Caramel ~ White Chocolate Mint ~ Peanut Butter Cookie ~ Chocolate Chip Cookie ~ Chardonnay ~ Gingerbread Maple …… just to name a few favorites.