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2011/228: Cars Under The Stars – The Photographer

What did you expect? 😉
Even caught Melissa… Greg and Sara are there, too, but hiding.

2011/227: Cars Under The Stars – Part 2

2011/226: Cars Under The Stars – Part 1

Dragged everyone to a car show Talked everyone into going to a car show a couple of weeks ago, and even though it was over 100 degrees F and the kids were whining about not wanting to go, it was still fun…. although a little disappointing to see so many “classics” and not really “antiques”.

2009/213: Cars Under The Stars, Part 3

Loved the little add-on to the license plate!
2009-213 a

2009-213 b

2009-213 c

2009-213 d

2009-213 e

2009/212: Cars Under The Stars, Part 2

2009-212 a

2009-212 b

2009-212 c

2009-212 d

2009-212 e

2009/211: Cars Under The Stars, Part 1

I sent Greg and the girls to a birthday party, that Sara was invited to, last Saturday while I met Amber at the gym. Afterwards I was able to talk her into going to a local car show with me.  It was HOT outside, and no stars yet, but it was fun.
As usual I had a hard time narrowing down the pictures, so this is part 1 of 3. And no worries, you’ll get to read about the rest of the vacation soon (typing all that out is work, though. LOL)

2009-211 a

2009-211 b

2009-211 c

2009-211 d

Austin Healey Sprite – my favorite!!
2009-211 e