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2011/129: Keeping In Touch

2011/030: The One That Got Away

… and the reason why I’m going to make more of an effort to have my camera with me more often.
This gorgeous sunset happened just a few days before the one I did capture, and posted pictures of in the last few days.  The only camera I had, was my cell phone, and that alone was lucky, because a lot of times I leave it at home. I quickly turned the camera on and was able to take a few pictures, but they come nowhere close to doing it justice. I sent them to my e-mail address, but they looked even worse on the computer than on the phone screen.

2009/335: Which Language?

If you guessed English, you’re correct! HOW she gets straight A’s in spelling is beyond me 😉
For those of you who thought it was Chinese (or any other language), it’s supposed to say There are two buses, the second one was late.
(She was going on a field trip to Six Flags and there was only one bus there when I dropped her off and we were wondering if only very few students were going)

2009/234: EnV

I got to upgrade my phone about two weeks ago and chose the LG EnV3… and we added texting to my plan, which I didn’t have before. How FUN! Yes, I’m addicted to texting now! It’s only unlimited to other Verizon customers, so if you have Verizon Wireless, text me anytime 😉
Dalia, you’re going to have to get a new phone now! LOL

2009-234 -1

2009-234 -2

2009/5: Say Cheese!

Sara taking pictures with Melissa’s cell phone.


New Toy

Santa brought Melissa a call phone for Christmas….. although he probably should have brought her a camera instead, because that’s all she’s been using it for so far. She’s even letting Sara take pictures with it, and they had a blast, snapping away in the car on the way to Uncle Richie’s house the other day.
And yes, it was December 26th, and warm enough to be outside in a T-shirt (I think it was around 78F).


Oh yes, now Sara seems to think that Santa will bring her a cell phone next Christmas!


Ahhh, Texas summer! Predicted high for today: 105 F, according to our local NBC station.  Thinking cool thoughts (with the help of my cell phone wallpaper) just isn’t working.


Hubby, playing Solitaire on his pocket pc