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Hot Cocoa Kisses

Available at Walgreens, and one of my favorite flavors so far. Better than the Pumpkin Spice Kisses.


Pumpkin Spice

Hershey’s really needs to stop coming out with all those yummy new flavors! These almost taste like pumpkin pie, and there is no chocolate! Unless that’s supposed to be white chocolate in the center?

… Or Your Obsession




Mmmh-mmmh, good! This is an egg liqueur filled chocolate bottle. Found it when we were shopping at Kuby’s last January… imported from Germany, with a real alcoholic filling, not the flavored non-alcoholic stuff. It’s sooo good! Just wish I had am egg liqueur filled glass bottle 😉



Coconut…. my new favorite Hershey Kisses. How will they top this one?

(Thanks, Cheryl. Guess that was payback for the Cheesecake ones? LOL)


From My Honey

Greg ordered some personalized M&Ms online and each of us got a bag for Valentine’s Day. He also surprised me with a dozen roses when he came home from work!

Funny story about the M&Ms…. a couple of weeks ago he told me that he had my Valentine bought already, ordered online after he saw a commercial on TV. He thought he could torture me (well.. he did a little!)… until the UPS man dropped off the box! Unlucky for Greg, who was working from home that day, it came pretty late in the day, and because the UPS man almost never rings the door bell, we kept checking the front porch. So sometime after 7 pm I looked out the window and saw a box sitting on the porch….. with BIG M&Ms all over it!!! No doubt about what was inside! LOL

He had “Love you” written on half of them, and on the other half it says “My M&MS”, which of course stands for Michaela, Melissa and Sara.


I’ve Been Bad…

…Very, very bad. I have NO willpower!! My birthday is coming up, but it’s still over two weeks away. Yesterday afternoon, there was a knock on the door, and the mailman dropped off a package for me. It was from my sil and her family and I knew it was my birthday present because she told me that she mailed it. And she also said she put some Valentine’s goodies in there for the girls, so I had to open the box. Right?

My presents were wrapped and I could have saved them, but did I? Nope. The wrapping paper was screaming at me to take it off, so I did. I don’t believe in torture, ya know? 😉 And nowhere did it say that I couldn’t open them early.

A BIG Thank You to D, B, and D for my wonderful presents! I love them all!


Hi, my name is…

… Michaela, and I’m a chocoholic.

Chocolate of choice is milk chocolate Dove (because Godiva is a luxury), but I found these new Hershey’s Kisses while browsing the Valentine aisles the other day. They’re “New York Style Cheesecake cream” filled. Very good!!

The kids like them, too. I gave Sara a few yesterday morning after she ate her breakfast, and after she was finished, she walked past me and said “boy, do I want some more of those!” Haha!