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2011/364 December Photo Hunt

Whew! Just made it for Karen’s December Photo Hunt. It’s been one crazy month around here, with the kids taking turns getting sick, and enough trips to the pediatrician’s office to consider permanently moving into the waiting area. I really didn’t think I would have time to get all the pictures together, and went ahead and posted the one for Frost, that I already had (and then gave Scott permission to link to it for his photo hunt submission). But, on Wednesday I decided to try to get my act together and play along, so here goes…

1. Lights  This is actually a reflection of some Christmas lights on my living room wall. I noticed them Tuesday evening, but was too lazy to go and get the camera, and put it off until (not so) bright and (way too) early Wednesday morning.

2. Ornament  This was one of my Christmas presents this year. From my best friend in Germany of course! She sent several more, but you’ll have to wait until another time to see them.

3. Card  A little peek into the basket where I have all of our Christmas cards.

4. Frost  Wednesday must have been my lucky day, because we actually did have some frost in the morning! As soon as it was light enough outside, I ventured into the yard with my camera to see what I could find (more to come at a later date!). This is the cover of our fire pit, covered with frost.

5. Treat  The treat I had in mind, was sneaking off alone to my favorite coffee place (Saxby’s – so much better than Starbucks!), but that never happened, so here’s the next best thing: cookies, baked by Greg and Sara. Peanut Butter, Molasses, and Tollhouse Chocolate Chip Cookies Cakeys (I think me mis-measured the baking soda, and they puffed up like this. I actually like them better than the original recipe)

6. Family  No sense even trying to get a picture of my family, so here’s a picture of the Family ornament I made several years ago. It has all our names on it, too.

As for the bonus, show me the winter holiday of your choice, I think most of these cover Christmas pretty well 😉

2011/357: Holiday Card

Hopefully everyone on my list has gotten their card by now, and I’m not ruining the surprise…
If you weren’t on my list (this year… there’s always next year), this is the card we sent out. With snowflakes, so everyone has a bit of a white Christmas, or Hanukkah, even if there wasn’t any real snow.
On Tuesday, I received an e-mail from my best friend (she lives in Germany), telling me that the card arrived that day, AND that it was snowing for the first time this season! Perfect timing! 🙂

2011/351: Christmas Card Outtakes

They didn’t quite make it onto the card…

At least one of them cooperated here!

And here… I don’t know what they thought they were modelling for…

Can’t wait to do this again next year!

2011/349: Plan B

This is the Holiday card that I would have sent out, if the torture photo session with the girls didn’t work out, but thankfully, the weather played along.
The first two stacks of cards went out on Monday, and the last stack went out yesterday, so they should (hopefully) start arriving soon.


This might look vaguely familiar to some of you 😉
And for the rest of you, this was/is our Christmas card this year.

Naughty Is The New Nice

This was the Christmas card I sent out this year. No need for them to cooperate for the “perfect picture” since I would get one no matter what!